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Your path to a perfectly polished smile.

We find there are many different reasons why patients choose to have porcelain veneers. They are extremely versatile and can be used to align crowding or protruding teeth, close gaps or lighten tooth colour.

Our team, lead by our Veneer expert Dr Mete Ucer, has many years of experience in creating bespoke beautiful smiles.

Dr Mete Ucer

Special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers

GDC number: 75586

Mete is our Porcelain Veneer and Smile Makeover Expert. His passion for cosmetic dentistry has led him to undertake continuous professional courses, both in the UK and abroad.

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Why have dental veneers?

Unlike tooth straightening that needs several months for you to see results, veneers only need a couple appointments for us to get your new smile underway.

Thanks to modern materials, we can create thin and strong veneers that require less tooth needing to be removed. In some cases, we don’t have to treat the tooth at all. 

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At Notley Dental Care our team of cosmetic dentists are highly skilled in the art of creating natural looking porcelain veneers.

  • Smile Planning - The planning of your new smile with veneers starts with a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists. We will listen to your concerns and give you information about how we can design your new smile. Digital Smile Design will be used so that you can see in 3D what the end result could look like.
  • Trial Smile - Based on the agreed design our ceramist will create a 3D template that we can place in your mouth to test drive your new smile. This trial is removable and can be adjusted if needed.
  • Impression - Your dental porcelain veneers are then fitted as planned over two appointments. At the first appointment your teeth are prepared, this process involves trimming back a thin layer from the front surface and biting edge to make space for the veneer. Impressions are taken and temporary veneers are made using a template from the 3D preview model.
  • Final - Your new porcelain veneers are tested in the mouth and if you’re happy with the result the veneers are bonded to your natural teeth with a dental adhesive.

Looking after your veneers

Following the fitting of your veneers, it is important to maintain its optimal condition with regular brushing and flossing. Regular appointments with your dentist and hygienist will help you to keep on top of your oral hygiene and keep a close eye on the health of your teeth and gums.

While veneer teeth are durable, it is crucial you treat them with care. Avoid biting fingernails, chewing pens, or using your teeth to open anything. It is also advised to avoid very hard foods where possible as these can cause damage to the veneer.

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Frequently asked questions?

How do I look after my veneers?

After fitting, it is important to keep your veneer well-maintained with regular brushing and flossing. Your dentist and hygienist will show you how to keep on top of your dental hygiene and aid you in keeping an eye on your gum and teeth health.

Can veneers break?

Although veneers are resilient, it is important to treat them with care, it is possible to damage them by chewing things like, very hard foods, fingernails, and pen tops. If you do damage or break a veneer, just give us a call and we will see how we can help.

Are veneers permanent?

In many cases, fitting porcelain veneers requires some of your natural tooth enamel to be removed. Therefore, it is an irreversible treatment, designed to be kept on your teeth permanently. Your veneers can last up to 15 years before needing to be replaced, depending on how well you look after them.

Are veneers painful?

You should not experience pain during the treatment process nor the final veneers themselves. We use local anaesthetic to minimise your discomfort during the preparation and fitting process, and ensure you are relaxed and ready before beginning any treatment. The majority of patients experience no pain or discomfort at all throughout the process. You may feel some sensitivity once your veneers have been fitted, but this will go after a few days.

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