At Notley Dental Care our in house hygienists are fully trained in preventive dentistry. They are able to help our patients prevent tooth decay and gum disease occurring by advising on diet and tooth brushing techniques.

Regular intake of sugar causes tooth decay and the build up of plaque at the gum margins causing gum disease. The hygienists will instruct patients in tooth brushing techniques, normally using an electric toothbrush and the use of a variety of interdental cleaning aides.

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a build up of bacteria which normally inhabit the mouth. The bacteria adhere to the tooth surface particularly where the tooth meets the gum margin. Plaque is a soft substance which can be easily removed with a methodical brushing technique and interdental brushes or floss/tape.

What is Calculus (tartar)?

Calculus is plaque which has been left on the tooth and has been calcified by the mineral salts present in saliva. Once calculus has formed it can only be removed by a professional cleaning carried out by our hygienist. However, with a good tooth brushing technique it will not reform.