Dental implants offer many advantages however problems can still occur, particularly in patients with poor oral hygiene, heavy smokers or if the dental implant treatment has not been carried out with the highest levels of care and the best quality materials available.

Every year we treat patients who come to us as a result of failed implant treatment that they have had elsewhere. We are able to help patients who are referred to us with implant problems with advice, for treatment or re-treatment.

Implant problems, such as peri-implantitis, (swelling around the implant) and gum recession are issues which are becoming more common, simply because more and more people are being treated with dental implants. Sadly we often find that the cause of the implant problems with most patients is the result of inadequate oral hygiene.

Dr Anjana Sagar has special expertise in how to treat implant problems and has also published several articles on this topic. We are proud to have her on the team at Notley Dental Care. You do not need to be registered or referred to us to see her for a consultation to discuss your problems.

We will only use high quality implants and components which are assembled at specialised laboratories, thus making them highly successful and rarely subject to failure. We also ensure that our patients understand the commitment they need to make in maintaining their implants with regular hygiene appointments.

Our Implant team at Notley Dental Care strives to provide the best that dentistry has to offer and is renowned for their skill, expertise and experience in Implant Dentistry.