Dr Kylie Mouton-Manhem


Dr Mouton-Manhem’s facial aesthetics treatment aims to rejuvenate a youthful and natural appearance. She is trained in treatments such as anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers with cheek contouring, jaw line contouring, chin augmentation as well as enhancing lip volume and shape to reveal natural looking results. Dr Mouton-Manhem is also known for her ability to listen to her patients and make them feel at ease during treatment.

She is a dental practitioner with 9 years of experience with a special interest in non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures. Dr Mouton-Manhem attained her training and qualification with Derma Institute and is planning further in depth training to attain her Level 7 Qualification as a Facial Practitioner.

Attaining your desired appearance can require a combination of treatments which Dr Mouton-Manhem will discuss in detail during your first free consultation.