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We find many different reasons why patients choose to have porcelain veneers. It may be that you are getting married and you would like to improve your smile for the wedding photos or perhaps you have had enough of the appearance of your crowded teeth.

A veneer is a new front surface for a tooth, custom made from porcelain. Veneers are extremely versatile and can be used to align crowding or protruding teeth, close gaps or lighten tooth colour. The strength and appearance of our dental porcelain veneers rivals that of natural teeth and they are used to make long lasting changes to the smile.

Porcelain veneers create a smooth, polished appearance and can be colour-matched to your other teeth. They will look natural and feel natural.

Case Study

Porcelain Veneers Patient - Sarah

I was unhappy with my front teeth and conscious of them when I smiled, so I decided to talk to my dentist, Dr Ucer.

We decided together that the best solution for me would be to have four crowns and four veneers.

All the way through the procedure he explained in detail what needed to be carried out and why. His attention to detail was second to none and he would not except anything less than perfection, where possible.

I now can't stop smiling and the only regret I have is that I didn't have it done years ago.

Lastly, I would like to give an enormous thank you to the staff at Notley for making the whole experience such a pleasurable one.

At Notley Dental Care our team of cosmetic dentists are highly skilled in the art of creating natural looking porcelain veneers.

  • Smile Planning

    The planning of your new smile with veneers starts with a consultation with one of our Cosmetic Dentists. We will listen to your concerns and give you information about how we can design your new smile. Digital Smile Design will be used so that you can see in 3D what the end result could look like.
  • Trial Smile

    Based on the agreed design our ceramist will create a 3D template that we can place in your mouth to test drive your new smile. This trial is removable and can be adjusted if needed.
  • Impression

    Your dental porcelain veneers are then provided as planned over two appointments. At the first appointment the teeth are prepared. This process involves trimming back a thin layer from the front surface and biting edge to make space for the veneer. Impressions are taken and temporary veneers are made using a template made from the 3d preview model.
  • Final

    Your new porcelain veneers arrive from the ceramist and are tried in and if everyone is happy with the result the veneers are bonded to your natural teeth.

To find out more, why not book a Free Consultation with one of our Cosmetic Dentists.

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