Dental Sedation

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One of the most common reasons for people to neglect visiting the dentist is due to fear and anxiety. Although we are a welcoming and friendly team, some patients prefer to have dental sedation administered by our qualified Anaesthetist and this will allow you to have dental treatment without the associated anxiety.

What is Sedation?

Conscious sedation is used to relax you during your dental treatment; while you are sedated you are still able to communicate and respond to simple instructions but it will be in an altered state of consciousness. Sedation medications are considered lighter and safer than general anaesthetic.

During the procedure you will be vaguely aware of your surroundings, you will feel drowsy and calm and as a result there will be no feeling of anxiety or pain.

After your procedure you may not remember much or anything from the time period you were sedated to the moment the sedative wears off.

What Happens at The Appointment?

When you arrive you will meet our Anaesthetist who will talk you thorough the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Sedation is administered by our qualified and highly experienced Anaesthetist and is a pleasant experience for patients. The sedative takes effect almost immediately.

If you have been putting off having dental treatment through fear or anxiety then sedation may be the answer for you, we offer free consultations with our dentists for all kinds of treatment so talk to us to see if sedation could be the solution for you.

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